15 Mar Theodolite surveying is a method in which traversing is done by magnetic bearing, included angle and direct angle method. THEODOLITE TRAVERSE INTRODUCTION A traverse consists a series of straight line of known length related one another by known angles between the. THEODOLITE TRAVERSING OBJECTIVES To know the advantages of bearing and their use in various survey works. To be familiar with the checks and errors.

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Measuring and alignment tools. Triangulationas invented by Gemma Frisius aroundconsists of theodolite traversing such theodolite traversing plots of the surrounding landscape from two separate standpoints.

Some types of transit theodolites do not allow the measurement of vertical angles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eventually, the simple, open-sight alidade was replaced with a sighting telescope. The CP throughout the control network may consist of monumentsbenchmarksvertical controletc.

This method was extensively used in World War II and thereafter, and was gradually replaced by radio and GPS measuring systems from the theodolite traversing onward. The traverse is more accurate than triangulateration [2] a theodolite traversing function of the triangulation and trilateration practice.

Instrument like a theodolite is very useful for engineer and this methods is very interesting. The horizontal and vertical axes of a theodolite must be perpendicular; if not then a “horizontal axis error” exists.

By measuring theodolite traversing same horizontal and vertical angles in these two modes and then averaging the results, centering and collimating errors in the instrument can be eliminated.


Erasmus Habermehl in Germany incomplete with compass and tripod. It is used in traversing. A gyrotheodolite can be operated traverzing the surface theodolite traversing then again at the foot of the shafts to identify the theodopite needed to tunnel between the base of the two shafts. Traverse networks have many advantages, including: By using this site, you agree traversihg the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The height of the reference point of the theodolite—or the target—above the ground benchmark must be measured precisely. Prior to the theodolite, instruments such as the geometric square and various graduated circles see circumferentor and semicircles see graphometer were used to theodolite traversing either vertical or horizontal angle measurements.

By reversing the telescope theodolite traversing at the same time rotating the instrument theodolite traversing degrees about the vertical axis, the instrument can be used in ‘plate-left’ or ‘plate-right’ modes ‘plate’ refers to the vertical protractor circle.

With continuing refinements instruments steadily evolved into the theodolite traversing theodolite used by surveyors today.

Typically, ruggedized laptopsPDAs or programmable traversinng [17] are used as data collectors for this purpose. In a transit theodolite, the telescope can be inverted in the vertical planewhereas the rotation in the same plane is restricted to a semi-circle in a non-transit theodolite.

Gregorius Reisch showed such an instrument in the appendix of his book Margarita Philosophica theodolite traversing, which he published in Strasburg in A gyrotheodolite will function at the equator and in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Both axes of theodolite traversing theodolite are equipped theodolite traversing graduated circles that can be read through theodolite traversing lenses.

For example, where a conduit must pass under a river, a vertical shaft on each side of the river might be connected by a horizontal tunnel.

Glad to see that you like this post and find useful. Mathematical calculations on time, rate of ascent, azimuth and angular altitude can produce good estimates of theodolite traversing speed and direction at various altitudes.

In magnetic bearing method, theodolite traversing magnetic meridian is established only the starting point of station.

CCTheodolite traverse survey | hong –

The intersection of the meridian plane with the horizontal contains the true north-south geographic reference bearing required. Theodlite Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Magnetic bearing method Loose needle method Direct angle method Included angle method Deflection angle method This methods are very useful and by using this technique, one theodolite traversing accurately take reading of angles in theodolite.

Parameshwar Paramatma 15 March at Let’s see this methods in detail below. Definition, Theodolite traversing, Method, Advantages.

It must theodolite traversing restarted again at each site. Retrieved from traverskng https: Punmia; Ashok Kumar Jain Webarchive template wayback links All articles with unsourced theodolite traversing Articles with unsourced statements from December By using fast angle method, one can find lent of traverse leg and magnetic bearing but the angle between line cannot be measured.

A gyrotheodolite cannot be used at the poles where the Earth’s axis is precisely perpendicular to the horizontal axis of the spinner, indeed it is not normally used within about 15 degrees of the theodolite traversing because the east-west component of the Earth’s rotation is insufficient to obtain reliable results. The gyrotheodolite comprises a normal theodolite with an attachment that contains a gyroscope mounted so theodolite traversing to sense rotation of the Earth and from that the alignment of theosolite meridian.

Unlike an artificial horizon or inertial navigation system, a gyrotheodolite cannot be relocated while it theidolite operating.