Ernest Dimnet (), French priest, writer and lecturer, is the author of The Art of Thinking, a popular book on thinking and reasoning during the s. Notes from The Art of Thinking, by Ernest Dimnet. Genius has never been supposed to be a particularly good teacher of any art. Sir Walter Scott, when he. The art of thinking. by Dimnet, Ernest, Publication date Topics Thought and thinking. Publisher New York, Simon and Schuster. Collection.

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Wilmer, since the last visit hardly absent one instant from the subconscious.

Practically all philosophers, from Plato to Herbert Spencer, include an Art of Thinking as well as a treatise the art of thinking ernest dimnet education in their philosophies, thereby implying that the two things hang together. If one succeeds in doing it once, one will certainly feel like doing it again, for no examination of conscience is so strikingly illuminating as that one, and the more frequent it will be, the easier, at least during certain periods, it will also become.

It is sufficient that some purpose or desire, foreign to the thought or possibility of thought we are pursuing, should step in to arrest the process of effective thinking.

What does one hear at picture exhibitions? Americanization, the transforming of foreign dissimilarity into American conformity, is not done, as Americanizing centres imagine, by the substitution of a new set of ideas for another The thing is done more simply.

I have not forgotten the verdict which, when I first visited the United States, ina famous American politician passed in my presence. This is a subway read.

The art of thinking ( edition) | Open Library

Everybody too is conscious of spells during which his mind is at hhe best, works swiftly and infallibly. Anybody familiar with country people, even of the most uncultivated sort, realizes that they appreciate natural beauty, a landscape, the last smile of autumn on a wood, a sunset, the flash of a wild bird, quite as much as a professional artist or versifier.

Published on August 23, The only comparison that seems adequate is your surprise when you discover that what you thought was only a flaw in the window-pane really is a large kite in the sky: L rated it really liked it Jan 21, The haphazard method of indicating the names of the streets or the numbers of the houses, sometimes on a the art of thinking ernest dimnet of plank rescued from some wreckage, is an obvious survival.

In consequence, most of them are emphatic in their recommendation of some mental process through which we can attain Truth. It is so with everybody.

Are not their lives all alike? A false aspect of the false public image that Barack Obama projected before his Presidential election in was that he was “a professor of constitutional law” at the University of Ov.

Surely, you say, what you have tne so far is not thought. The Art of Thinking: Easy methods seem to be a dogma with Americanizers. Leave only the slavish necessity or the meretricious desire for the art of thinking ernest dimnet a book and all the pleasure will be gone. Of course, people with excellent memories can learn those verbs, but my memory is not good.

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That lecturer the other day pointed out quite correctly that we talk about Shakespeare all the time but read him about as much as the Bible. And they are schools preeminently intended to develop physical strength and its spiritual counterpart, will-power. Let anybody try the experiment of crossing the ocean on one of the quieter boats without making the art of thinking ernest dimnet acquaintance.

The thought is rather formidable. Nowhere is it so apparent as in the United States. I once reproached Mr. It is the whole problem, for what can save a child from conformity would also empower any one of us to produce thoughts of his own. Voltaire and Diderot had no respect for genius when incarnated in founders of religions and there are still too many people who prefer brilliance to goodness.

The preference for scientific branches which can be turned to immediate account is of course a manifestation of the utilitarian spirit. If we could add up the minutes we have devoted to a critical examination of what we hold, say about aart future life, we should be shocked at the ridiculously small sum. Substitute Renan’s or Signor Ferrero’s mental habit of seeing the past as if it were the present, of speaking of the Roman equites in terms of Wall Street, and everything will be thlnking in an ddimnet but the something which differentiated the art of thinking ernest dimnet eques from o banker, the spell attached to the distant past, will vanish.

Average people react differently. Most writers endowed the art of thinking ernest dimnet the real literary gift are nervous subjects, or at all events, the art of thinking ernest dimnet sensitive individuals on whose imaginations all impressions work freely and often cruelly.

The waves which sweep over communities in times of great excitement or great calamities blind and bewilder all ex-the most powerful. Idea; How we can get at our own ideas; Be yourself; Find yourself; and Literary production possible arf all. It is impossible to live without noticing how barren our intellect becomes when it is apparently given unbounded chances.

Ernest Dimnet – Wikiquote

Gradually I have come to the conclusion that it is largely true. It would seem as if writers who are professionally trained to watch the operation of their minds, and in whose Mss.

The contrary would probably have been the fact. The reason is the art of thinking ernest dimnet at every step onwards which he takes in his investigation, the former student sees himself using the information just gained, and the vision, like any parasitical phantasm, weakens, because it divides, his thinking power.

Zen and the Art of Happiness.