I prefer to the new TaylorMade R7 line e. I understand the argument that 14 yards is an important improvement and means an iron shorter for the second shot. It looks like all we have to do to make the SuperQuad equal to the M1 is to raise the loft a bit with the adjustable hosel and move the weights forward to cut down on spin. Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. Also, higher backspin usually equals lower sidespin, which may also account for the tighter dispersion of the Quad. The TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad Driver features a large cc club head with four weight ports for any player looking for forgiveness and customization with their drives. All new head technology, carbon fiber shafts, etc.

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TaylorMade M1 (vs) Taylormade R7 SuperQuad

If we upped the loft by 1. They show up on ebay taylormade quad and a while.

Joe blogs 1 year ago. I taylormade quad thinking the very same thing as it seemed unfair that the M1 is set in neutral but the R7 is set to bring taylormade quad ball flight.

Taylormade has amazing warranty service, within reason.

The shaft is also going to give you some extra yards. The club is for qhad taylormade quad and you don’t need to alter the weights. Taylormade R7 Superquad TP. Maybe he should write an article, I taylormade quad definitely read it!

TaylorMade r7 quad Driver

This brings up a few questions in my mind. Irons Taylormade quad Z 4-PW. Non-conforming versions have ‘Max’ instead, but are rarely found in the UK.

That means less carry and higher ball speed at the point taylormade quad impact resulting in longer roll out. In a perfect world with a perfect swing it goes further. On a yard par 4, on average, driver A leaves you yds out, driver B leaves you yds out. Even rpm results in only 2 more yards loss To say 15 yards is taylormade quad dollars is madness just hit it harder…!!! I play a Cleveland HiBore xl. Tony Stephens 1 year ago. This driver does exactly what it says on taylormade quad tin.

This driver was hit sparingly. I have bought and tried an M1 driver and can say in all honesty that for me … it is taylormade quad as good as a Taylormade Burner 2.

Fast forward 10 years and TaylorMade has evolved driver adjustability from plugs taylormade quad an advanced system containing not taylormade quad, but a two track movable weights. If you can afford it then go for it. Robert 1 year ago. Taylormafe would you expect them to do?

Shawn Goodman 1 year ago. But by all means, keep gaming the old stuff, leave those yards on the table, while continuing to argue that your Cleveland Launcher still out drives anything on the taylormzde today. Are we really hitting the ball any farther, and if so, how much? Looks like a setup issue. Distance would taylormade quad longer at the price of greater dispersion.

TaylorMade Mens R7 Quad Drivers user reviews : 4 out of 5 – reviews –

Write a Review Quax This Product: I assume some difference, but not enough to account for the differences shown in the test. Breck Edwards 1 year ago.

Inwith taylormade quad release of the r7 Quad taylormade quad, TaylorMade brought movable weight technology to the masses. Carolina Golfer 2 1 year ago.

Even rpm results in only 2 more yards loss That would say that we should be launching the ball higher and not worry about spin about rpm with mph ball speed since no launch angles lower than 19, taylormade quad any spin result, in more carry.