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Select ” Oicasso “. Familiarisation Access Electronic key – Remote Keyless Entry and Starting Motorised tailgate control This system allows the tailgate to be opened remotely using motorisation.

Access Electric windows Safety anti-pinch To open or close the window, press or pull the When the window rises and meets an obstacle, switch gently.

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Driving Driving situations and associated alerts The table below describes the alerts and the messages displayed for the different driving situations. This system indicates the proximity of an obstacle person, vehicle, tree, gate, etc.

Monitoring “Driving assistance” citroenn The functions with settings that can be adjusted are detailed in the table below. Lighting Controls Visibility Exterior lighting controls System for selection and control of the various front and rear lamps providing the vehicle’s lighting.


Its presence in the vehicle is mandatory. Driving Switching off the engine Emergency stop Mwnual the vehicle.

Page 98 Comfort Access to the third row Leaving the vehicle from Repositioning a seat, from seats the third-row seats the outside, with the door open Access to the third-row seats is via the outer second-row seats.

Colour schemes Choice of a colour scheme. Visibility Windscreen wash and headlamp wash Screenwash and washer jets Headlamp manua Adjusting the jets The headlamps operate when the vehicle is Pull the windscreen wiper stalk towards The front washers include an adjustment for the moving and when the dipped beam headlamps you.

2008 Citroën C4 Picasso – Manual do proprietário (in Portuguese) (266 pages)

Beware of discharges of fluid. Practical information Charging the battery using The batteries contain harmful substances Protect your eyes and face before a battery charger such as sulphuric acid and lead. Electronic Key – Remote Control Access Electronic key Remote control Unlocking the vehicle Unlocking the vehicle and opening the boot Complete unlocking Make a long press on this button to unlock the vehicle Press this button.

Lane departure warning system Activation of the function. Following prolonged operation in sunny conditions, the volume may be limited to protect the system. It is fitted with an conditioning controls, to settings for vehicle electric blind.

Access Tailgate release The motorised tailgate can be opened and System allowing the mechanical unlocking of Precautions in use closed manually, even if motorisation is the boot in the event of a battery or central In the event of an accumulation of snow activated.

The interactive version of your handbook available in this touch Select the colour scheme in the list then screen is not intended as a substitute for the more complete content ” Practical information Engine compartment fuses Access to the fuses The fusebox is placed in the engine compartment near the battery left-hand side.

Driving Operating fault Exceeding the programmed Flashing of the dashes indicates a fault with the When the cruise control is switched on, speed cruise control. Page citrroen Monitoring Type 2 instrument panel This instrument panel is presented in the form of a inch panoramic HD screen. Driving Manual operation Manual release With the ignition on or the engine running, to release the parking brake: Page 96 Comfort Flat floor Each seat can be folded onto the floor to vary the the space available in the boot.

Visibility Panoramic sunroof It is fitted with an electrically controlled blind.

2009 Citroën C4 Picasso – Manual do proprietário (in Portuguese) (337 pages)

Driving Safely Familiarisation Driving safely Operation Use the buttons picaswo on each side of the touch screen tablet for access to the menus, then press on the virtual buttons in the touch screen tablet.

Carefully remove the lamp from its housing.

Select change the source. Comfort Removable console The removable console is a portable storage space secured to the lower centre console. Blind Spot Sensors Driving Blind spot sensors Activation of the ictroen is done in mxnual ” Driving assistance ” menu, with the ignition on.

Select the desired contact from the list offered. Any fault resulting in the illumination of a warning lamp must be investigated further using the associated message. Assistance with bay parking Operate the direction indicator on the manoeuvres parking side chosen to activate the Once you have identified a measurement function. Comfort Rear parcel shelf Hooks Storage boxes To remove the shelf: Courtesy Lamps Visibility Courtesy lamps Front – rear courtesy lamps Front – rear map reading lamps In this position, the courtesy lamp comes on gradually: In picassso event of a fault with the on switching off the ignition, when towing a trailer, power steering, this warning lamp if the engine stalls, if the driver’s door is opened, comes on in the instrument panel if no manoeuvre is started within 5 minutes Inch Touch Screen Tablet Monitoring 7-inch touch screen tablet General operation The 7-inch touch screen tablet gives access to: Lateral Airbags Safety Lateral airbags Impact detection zones System which protects the driver and front passenger in the event of a serious side impact A.

Connect the compressor’s electric plug to Turn the selector A to the “sealant” Unscrew the cap from the white pipe.

Page 88 Comfort Front seats Electric adjustments Forwards-backwards driver’s Seat backrest angle Seat cushion height and angle seat Tilt the control forwards or rearwards to Operate the rear part of the control Push the control forwards or rearwards to adjust the angle of the seat backrest. The cameras piasso in the front and rear bumpers and under the door mirrors are The view selected is displayed in the instrument citrken.

Driving Gear shift indicator System which reduces fuel consumption by advising the driver to change up. Driving Operating fault In the event of a fault, you are The operation of the radar, located in alerted by the display of the Service the front bumper, may be disturbed by warning lamp, accompanied by a accumulations of grime dust, mud You are alerted by the illumination of a warning lamp in the corresponding mirror. Page Driving Special cases Parking the vehicle with the In some situations, you may need to operate brake released the parking brake manually.

To remove the air freshener To insert the air freshener The air freshener contains an empty cartridge when your vehicle is delivered.

Consequently the possible that the system may not detect: Alphabetical index Paint colour code Visibility Automatic rain sensitive windscreen wipers The windscreen wipers operate automatically, without any action on the part of the driver, if rain is detected sensor behind the rear view mirroradapting their speed to the intensity of the rainfall.

Driving Alerts According to the collision risk detected by the Level 3: As a safety measure, seat adjustments should only be done when stationary.