La grande piramide e lo Zed. Nuove scoperte nella grande piramide. Come fu costruita e cosa nasconde on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mario Pincherle and his team since the beginning were interested in solving the .. and the Zed). By Mario Pincherle Translated by Roy Baranes July Zed. La Grande piramide e lo Zed by Mario Pincherle, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Probably a long line of wooden cubes made out of sawed tree trunks the ‘short cubic woods’ of Erodotus was arranged on the slope corresponding to the Grand Gallery and to the Ascending Passage the ‘gun’.

Let’s try to discover how such an enourmous problem could have been solved by some short cubic woods. In the pyramid this ramp could have been flooded for a stretch of 50 meters by the Nile and for a stretch of 50 meters it remained dry above the waters.

Romina rated it really liked it Feb 14, The mzrio granite plug remained fixed in the breech of the gun while the two granite moving pistons lifted to allow later for the removal of the drenched cubic woods out of the gun. The ramp underwater could receive about 50 cubic woods: I will certainly look at life differently from now on and realize that whenever I have a bad thought or even feel sadness that this marip only the result of the fact that I am human and can’t help myself.

Following Herodotus’ story, the channels, which were necessary for setting the machine in motion, were built before the pyramid.

Mario Pincherle, pyramid of Cheops and the Zed | Antediluvian

Mario Martinez rated it really liked it Dec 27, Therefore we were visualizing the immense granite block moving slowly up and up inside toward the heart of the pyramid, lifted by the energy of the sun, by the force of the water and… those strange short cubic woods.

It is possible once everything started to work smoothly and with the sun llo its fullest season, that they could advance some 5 or 6 meters a day, … We may therefore conclude that: The short cubic woods were pincnerle of a huge piston that moved very slowly but with enormous power. We built a smaller scale model 1: Mario Pincherle and his team since the beginning were interested in solving the problem of lifting the enourmous granite monoliths found within the Great Pyramid.

How then could we employ such a minimal expansion to push the granite block to a heigth of several tens of meter?

Guglielmo Marconi. Lo «Zed» antenna radio con l’aldilà

The real difficulty was indeed this last one. The cube that was most high up was directly touching the lower part of the sledge. Erodotus on chapter in Book II of his Histories tells poncherle that: We have therefore unearthed a very ancient technical solution which has been hidden for over years in the womb of the pyramid, rethinking ancient thoughts with the help of Erodotus.

Taking precise measurements we could realize that the cubic wood, made of wooden fibres, expands when these fibers, by capillary, absorb water, ol then it contracts under the action of the sun; the imbibed water evaporates and the wood dries. And how does the wood breathes? Refresh and try again. Moreover Erodotus tells us that the waters of the Nile flowing through a channel went around the pyramid.

I think it is extremely intelligent, forgiving and I hope it applies! What was the outcome? But forces do add up and an army of slaves produces a very great strenght. They even devised and positioned a spillway channel to prevent overflowing that may have wetted higher cubic woods above the lower fiftieth, to avoid an overdisplacement of the sledge and time consuming difficulties in adding a new cubic wood at mrio top of the line.

Israel Guerra is currently reading it Feb 05, Sabrina Romiti marked it as to-read Jan 09, While the huge sledge, pressed down by the huge monolith load, remained absolutely still up on the slope, the drenched woods were extracted and dry woods were brought in to be filed for the next flood and the next short movement upwards of the immense weight. Lining up many zes of wood their motion will mrio up in a single unique motion that I will use it to lift my great granite blocks”.

The first one was Erodotus, the greek hystorian, who personally visited Egypt and the pyramids in a. Books by Mario Pincherle.

These moving plugs functioned indeed like pistons. No trivia or quizzes yet. It is quite a complicated text but having read it I am left with a warm feeling about life and death rather than fear and sadness. We had to devise a real life simulation to verify what we thought we had discovered. Gianpiero rated it really liked it Aug 13, We went back to read very carefully all that had been written about the costruction of the Pyramid of Khufu since ancient times. The system of ramp and channels constituted the remarkable machine that was going to lift the great monoliths almost automatically: Extraction of the numerous, heavy, drenched and swelled cubic woods, out of the gun, following each flooding, was perhaps an almost impossible task, more so if done by bare hands even with the help of ropes and windlasses.

In our model these stretches were 2 meters long each. The fix granite plug and the two pistons they all have rounded corners: We placed our small sledge onto our model and on it a stone block of about 40 centimeters: I would be needing such a great number of them that they may not stand all together on top of the construction.

Bizio rated it liked it Feb 09, Kingofgamo marked it as to-read Oct 01, ItstheEtalking marked it as to-read Aug 16, In the inferior part of the Grand Gallery there was a passage to take the drenched cubes out to the open air that the sun may quickly dry them up. The ancient architect proved to have a prodigious intuition by reasoning ‘infinitesimally’ and therefore adding up very very small quantities, exactly like a mathematician or a doctor in physics in our age.

Bardo Todol – Libro tibetano dei morti

What were they used for? The water from the other channel, flowing in the open air on the small hill on which the pyramid was raised, may have been used for flooding the cubic woods.

We may now clearly imagine what did our ancient architect do: